Could Lettuce Affect Diabetes Cures?

Diabetes cures has been attempted from 20th century only even though it was known to all civilizations right from prehistoric times. U.S.A National diabetes Statistics 2007 explains that diabetes is caused by high levels of blood glucose, called blood sugar. It is due to the defects in insulin production by the body due to pancreatic disorder. It can lead to serious complications but the patients of diabetes can take corrective steps to control the same.

As per the same statistics, 7.8 per cent of U.S population is in the grip of this dreadful malaise. If not controlled, diabetes may lead to complications like diabetic retinopathy, diabetic neuropathy, diabetic nephropathy and arteriosclerosis. The comfortable lifestyle of the most advanced country on earth (U.S.A) has contributed to the prevalence of this disease. But the silver lining is, slight changes in lifestyle and diet combined with regular check ups and medicine intake, will keep this under control.

High blood sugar levels can be brought under control by injecting insulin into the patient’s body. Severe self discipline has to be exercised in avoiding the foods which are prohibited by Medical professionals. Testing equipments are available to measure the level of blood sugar and insulin injection vials and syringes are also supplied by Diabetic testing supplies.

Cincinnati Children’s hospital’s team of Scientists, headed by James Wells, Ph.D., has isolated a regulator gene which helps in the early embryonic development of pancreas and other organs. This will help researchers to find methods to coax stem cells into the pancreatic cells, for diabetes cures.

The Islet Foundation of Multiple nations are reaping success in islet transplantation, wherein the islets from specially grown pigs have been transplanted straightway into human beings. The results are by and large quite satisfactory. The recipients showed no diabetic symptoms for one full year. However trials are under way with tweaks in protocol and changes in the anti-rejection drugs.

Scientists at Bath Israel Deaconess Medical Center(BIDMC) Israel have come out with a theory that by restoring the leptin sensitivity to a tiny area of POMC in brain’s hypothalamus, mice are cured of severe diabetes. This study will help in understanding the role of leptin in regulating the basic reasons behind obesity and control of glucose. This will be a big booster to the Diabetes cures efforts.

In a study published in major Medical Journals across the length and breadth of U.S., just brisk walking for an hour a day will give us 20% less chance of getting breast cancer, a 30% less chance of getting heart disease, a 50% less chance of diabetes In this study, brisk walking was defined as 3-3.9 miles per hour, or 15-20 minutes per mile. For most Americans, this is just a purposeful stroll only. Tests from instruments of diabetes testing supplies are to be used at regular intervals.

Balsam pear, which is nothing but Bitter Melon, (Momordica Charantia), is a popular remedy for diabetes. It grows in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and South America. Its ability to reduce the blood sugar levels is a well established truth. The chemical contained in it, Charantin is comparatively more patent than tolbutamide, used widely by allopathic doctors .Diabetes cures researches will never stop till complete eradication of diabetes is accomplished.

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