Learn About Preventing Hair Loss Over 40 Through Fitness

You may have never thought that one day you would look in the mirror and see thinning hair. You may believe that you are genetically predisposed to be bald, but this is a common misconception. Many people lose their hair because of poor health. Even if you are genetically prone to lose your hair, you can prevent it through fitness.

Weight loss over 40 is a must if you want to prevent hair loss. Scientists have shown that hair loss is more likely in the overweight and obese. Some of these cases are unexplained, but there are many which are caused by a weight induced hormone imbalance.

Your body is an amazing machine that works on a careful balance of hormones. You must have the right levels of hormones for good body function. If you have a hormone imbalance, one of the first body parts to suffer is your hair.

Male pattern balding, even in women, is normally from too much testosterone in your system. Stored fat releases testosterone, and cancer causing estrogen. When there is no physical activity, your body uses this testosterone inefficiently. The hormone is sent to your scalp and the conversion process causes your hair follicles to die. Therefore, the less extra fat you have stored the less testosterone will be able to cause hair loss.

Type II Diabetes often leads to hair loss. This type of diabetes often results from being overweight and causes a flux in your hormone levels. Your body strains to maintain blood sugar and insulin, which threatens blood flow, healing, and immune functions. In order to stay alive, your body shuts down unnecessary functions. Unfortunately, your body considers hair production unnecessary in these cases.

Poor thyroid function also causes hair loss for similar reasons as diabetes. This is because the thyroid stimulating hormone is too high. One of the other symptoms of thyroid is excess weight. You should always talk to your doctor if you are worried about your thyroid. However, fitness after 40 is critical to maintaining thyroid health and preventing this type of hair loss.

There are also many unexplained cases of hair loss. However, scientists have learned that these occur more often in people who are overweight or obese. This is probably due to the increased strain extra weight places on your heart, organs, muscles, and endocrine system.

You have the power to stop and even prevent hair loss, despite your genes. It is absolutely necessary that you shed those unwanted pounds. Being overweight is a symptom of so many health issues which lead to balding. If you want to keep your thick mane of your youth then you need to start focusing on fitness today.

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