Green Tea – The Magic Bullet For Dental Problems, Cancer and Diabetes

Just about every day there is a new health study that comes out, most of them contradicting the results of previous studies. We were once told that chocolate and coffee are bad for us, however now the antioxidants in chocolate are known to have protective properties, while coffee helps you work out – a boon for your cardiovascular health.

Red meat was once a perfectly healthy part of the diet, but now is a top carcinogen. However, green tea is one of the few things that nearly all experts agree has significant health benefits, and few detriments.

In fact, it has been found to significantly reduce mortality from ALL causes – a fairly hefty claim! In this article, we look at its implications for reducing visits to dental hospitals in Thailand and to cancer centers in Thailand, as well as its positive effect on diabetes symptoms.

If you consider diabetes in light of the fact that it is a dietary disease – one which is sometimes caused by diet, and certainly needs to be controlled by diet – it makes sense that dietary elements could have a big impact on diabetes symptoms, reducing the impact on the pancreas and also the need for diabetes medication.

There are quite a few food substances which can help control blood sugar, and a popular natural remedy for diabetes actually uses green tea extract and cinnamon. However, green tea itself is sometimes contraindicated for diabetics, if their manifestation of the disease is such that caffeine affects them adversely.

Despite the fact that green tea is a natural solution to health problems, doctors still advise that lifestyle changes need to be made to help control type 1 diabetes. Sometimes insulin pumps are needed to support the pancreas, and refined sugar should certainly be avoided – green tea is but a part of the puzzle.

It is seen by health professionals that green tea is useful in controlling diabetes – if your use of it is representative of a wider commitment to changing your lifestyle, diet and exercise habits. Type 2, but not type 1 diabetes, can actually be reversed using these methods, in conjunction with green tea.

Green tea also has some great health benefits for an area of the body you might not expect – the teeth. Techniker Krankenkasse are German health insurers that say that both green and black tea are great for teeth, as the tannic acid they contain help keep bacteria levels in check.

The insurers are also promoting cheese as a way to prevent visits to dental hospitals in Thailand and dental centers in Thailand – while the cheese itself leaves a protective film over teeth, the calcium it contains is important for the inner health of the teeth.

Techniker Krankenkasse’s findings are borne out in the Scientific American, who published a study which showed that polyphenols, found in high quantities in green tea, inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause bad breath, strep throat and dental caries. This could be great news for those seeking dental implants in Bangkok and treatment at dental centers in Thailand.

One of green tea’s most-studied properties is its ability to fight cancer and cancer causing agents. Related to the use of green tea for bad breath, strep throat and caries it is use in fighting oral cancers.

Thailand cancer centers would presumably see more oral cancer survivors with the use of green tea, which is said to introduce antioxidants to the oral cancer cells, and remove the free radicals that promote cancer in the first place.

People seeking treatment at Thailand cancer centers for ovarian and colorectal cancer could also benefit from green tea. A study by Fred Hutchison Cancer Research center in the US asked 780 women with ovarian cancer diagnosed by regular cancer checkup about their consumption of caffeinated and non-caffeinated tea, coffee and cola.

While caffeine consumption was not identified as a risk factor for developing it and needing treatment at Thailand cancer centers, they did see a 54% reduction in ovarian cancer risk among those who regularly drank green tea.

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