There Are Lots Of Thyroid Symptoms In Women

Thyroid symptoms in women are found more often than you may think, as the condition is not that rare. The thyroid has a vital function to play as it enables the body to control its metabolism. Very simply put, it makes it possible for the body to use the energy from food.

The thyroid is a gland that makes two kinds of hormones. These are thyroxine-T4 and thyroxine-T3. T3 is much stronger than T4, although the body is able to make T3 from T4 if it needs to.

Symptoms of a thyroid imbalance might be quite difficult to spot as they can be indications of other diseases. They include feeling fatigued or run down, having dry skin, gaining weight, having cold hands or feet, not being able to sleep properly and feeling depressed. Other indications are constipation and a compromised immune system.

This underproduction of the hormone can be caused by a variety of reasons. They include having a bad diet, or even not eating enough. A body may try to compensate for the lack of the hormone by producing more cholesterol. It does this in reaction to a diet that is very high in sugar and lacking in any goodness. The cholesterol is released into the blood in order to try to heal the tissues and to help produce protective steroids.

When cholesterol levels are too high the person is at risk of heart disease and cancer, and can be more prone to infections. An additional problem may be that the body is unable to convert the thyroid hormone so that it can be actively used. This conversion is done by the liver and kidneys, so if these are not working properly the conversion will not happen.

A body can also produce too much of the thyroid hormone. When this happens the person can suffer from rapid weight loss, as well as feeling extremely tired and run down. They may also have dry skin and feel far too warm. Thyroid symptoms in women can be varied, so it’s best to ask a doctor’s advice if you are at all concerned about this problem.

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