Sunglasses: The Ultimate Combination of Style and Protection

The adage “Clothes make a man!” needs correction: “Clothes and accessories make a person!” Accessories no longer mean the essential wrist-watch, bracelet or earring. In our fashion trend-driven society, accessories have acquired a new significance and have the power to make or mar a fashion statement.

These days, sunglasses/ shades are the most popular type of fashion accessory. They come in a host of so many different makes, designs and colors that you would surely find the one that best complements your personality. Of the various styles which are ruling the market, wraps, mirror shades(police shades), aviators, wayfarers, flip-up glasses , glacier glasses, faded/graduated lenses, shutter shades are the most popular. Of these, wraps, which extend past the eye to the temple, are the best designs for sunglasses as they make for super-stylish protective eyewear.

Online shopping: With the advent of E-buying, you no longer have to brave the sun, wind, rain and traffic congestion to procure a pair of glares. Apart from saving time and energy while shopping online, you may even strike a good bargain and grab a trendy pair at a throwaway price. However, you must remember that the primary function of a pair of shades is to give optimum ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) ray protection.

Guidelines to Ensure Smart Buying:

*Your shades should enhance your looks and complement your facial structure. Take the instance of Victoria Beckham, whose pair of large black glasses with a transparent and symmetrical frame makes her look incomparably glamorous. But never make the fatal mistake of blindly aping somebody else’s style statement. It would be a total disaster. Be confident of your personality and choose accessories likewise.

*Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause ocular problems such as photokeratitis, cataracts, pterygium, and eye cancer. So choose sunglasses/ sun cheaters that can protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB sun rays.

*Glares with large lenses and wide sides are the best option for protective eyewear. However, they should not be too oversized for your face.

Your Budget: Several top-notch fashion houses have identified the popularity of eyewear and are designing super-trendy glares. But everything has a price tag so before you get to the actual buying you will have to fix the budget. Remember: budget planning is integral to smart buying. Also have a sharp eye for the various discount sales schemes and make the most of it.

Variety: The market is inundated with sunglasses of every conceivable make and color. You cannot help but be spoilt for choice. Always try a couple of shades before you zero in on one. Select the best pair that exactly suits your facial shape and enhances your personality. Browse the latest collections at online stores, to ensure that your pair of sunglasses is ‘in’.

Credibility: When it comes to online-shopping, you should be wary of fake items and stores. Before purchasing, make a thorough check of the credibility of the seller. Purchase only when you are satisfied that the store is a registered one.

Be a smart online shopper and save your time, energy and money by shopping from the cozy confines of your home. So make the most of e-shopping and experience the joy of commanding the world at the click of a mouse!

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