How To Lower The Risk Of Prostate Cancer?

Can prostate cancer be prevented?

The actual reason of prostate cancer is not known, it is not practical to prevent most cases of the disease. But risk factors such as age, race, and family history can’t be controlled. RG Urology and Laproscopy Hospital offers the best Prostate Cancer Treatment in India. The Prostate Cancer Surgery is done by RG Hospitals after discovering it through DRE i.e., digital rectal examination.

The risk of prostate cancer can be lowered by life style modification which are
1) Being physically active.
2) Staying at healthy weight
3) Consuming different varieties of vegetables and fruits every day can lower the risk of Prostate cancer.

If you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, then don’t worry you can get treated at RG Hospitals as it provides the best medical service for the patients.

Vitamins, minerals and other supplements:
Certain studies suggests that consuming certain vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E or selenium might lower the risk of prostate cancer.Certain studies are also looking forward at the benefits of soy proteins on prostate cancer risk.

Having any supplements can be both beneficial and risky. Talk with your Physician before starting any type of vitamins or other supplements.

How to get rid of Prostate cancer?
Every new case of prostate cancer happens every 2 to 3 minutes, and an individual dies from every 17 minutes. Genetic predispositions like diet and age all seem to have a direct relationship with the risk of prostate cancer. Certain studies have indicated that men with STD or sexually transmitted diseases have a greater chance of getting affected with prostate cancer. The second most often diagnosed cancer after lung cancer is prostate cancer.7.6 millions of deaths are occurring due to this type of cancer. Awareness of this particular disease in India still remains very low. According to Dr.Mukherjee of RG hospital, seventy percentages of all prostate cancer patients are diagnosed only in men especially at the age of sixty five years, but research shows that after seventy years, mostly men have some kind of prostate cancer. Even though there may be no outward symptoms of the disease.

Few medicines like 5 Alpha Reeducates Inhibitors might help in reducing the risk of prostate cancer. They are used in treating non cancerous growth of prostate or commonly known as prostatic hyperplasia. RG Hospitals provides you quality Prostate cancer treatment with intense care.

Dos and don’ts for preventing prostate cancer:

1) Eat healthy: Include fish, cereals, green leafy vegetables, and especially green tea into your diet. They prevent the onset of prostate cancer. If signs and symptoms pursue then get treated at RG Hospitals located at various places in India for faster recovery.

2) Regular Exercise: Exercising regularly and maintain constant weight. This can help a lot in way in fighting diseases especially prostate cancer. The best medical care for prostate cancer surgery is available at RG Hospitals.

1. Neglecting the symptoms: The indications of prostate cancer are easy to overlook. Kindly don’t ignore the symptoms. Get then checked if signs and symptoms pursue.

Men having the signs and symptoms of BPH should approach physician for thorough examination which are frequent urination, Blood in semen or urine, Difficulty in urination, Pain and stiffness in back, thighs and hip, Burning or pain during urination, Painful ejaculation, Interrupted urination

2. Consuming fatty foods: Avoid red meat as it contains much fat that can definitely lead to prostate cancer and also avoid starch and sugar rich foods as these components lead to inflammation and can urge up the process of formation of the cancer.

RG Hospitals is equipped with internationally standard equipments for providing the best Prostate Cancer treatment in India. It is also FDA approved as well as ISO certified for quality management systems. Hospital management network is available at various places in India. The best medical care for prostate cancer surgery is available in RG Hospital and if you find any signs and symptoms of prostate cancer then rush to RG Hospitals for better and quick recovery from this disease.

An early diagnosis is the best way to successful treatment. A few changes can help in a great way in minimizing the risk factors of Prostate Cancer.

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