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One of the most famous movies of all times is considered to be Brian de Palma’s gangster movie, the unique “Scarface”. Even if it was produced 29 years ago, this movie is still a must-see, especially as Al Pacino’s performance is intensely watchable.

There is no doubt the Scarface and the Godfather movies made a star out of Al Pacino. This is why usually when people hear about these two movies, they think about Al Pacino.

Al Pacino has starred in many popular films with similar genres. I recommend you to check out the film: “Carlito’s Way”, a real enjoyable gangster film starring Al Pacino and Sean Penn.

Al Pacino stars as Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant

Scarface presents us with a gaudy, sleazy world, where murals and billboards portray a paradise of palm trees and amazing sunsets. However, it is a fake paradise, because it hides the ugly face of the drug world, where the combination of gangsters, cocaine and guns create a unique and overwhelming atmosphere which is slowly unveiled by complex camera shootings.

The disco nightclubs and sunlit streets are those who suck the majority of the characters in the movie into a capitalist nightmare that will ultimately consume and destroy them. Even if this movie depicts a nightmarish world, it has some funny scenes. For example, the scenes where Manny (played by Steven Bauer) gets slapped by a young girl or when Tony (Al Pacino) wears Elvira’s (played by Michelle Pfeiffer) sun hat are extremely funny and helps us to forget about all the crimes, robberies and acts of revenge spread through the whole movie.

This is a great movie, indeed. What’s also extremely important is where you will watch it. Certainly, the easier and best way is to watch Scarface online. You can watch watch Scarface online from the comfort of your house and will experience all the benefits of watching a movie online. What are those benefits? Well, when you watch Scarface online you won’t necessary need to download it, which saves you time and a great deal of  hard drive space. Moreover, this is a safer and a cheaper way to watch a movie. When you watch Scarface online you can also pause it at any moment and get that bag of popcorn you where craving for.

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