Somatic consulting & structural energywork

Honoring the sacred dance of life that is the human body..

To will, yoga is more than a practice, more than an exercise – its a way of life. Beyond a recognition of the physical benefits, his inspiration to teach comes from an appreciation of the journey of awakening that results from an open, connected, and balanced body. 

From an understanding of the science behind its effectiveness, he brings an awareness of subtle alignment principles to his teaching, while always offering a flowing sequence that feels spontaneous and appropriate to the student’s body in the moment. Accompanied by rich, eclectic, music carefully selected to enhance the session, the styles of asana (physical posture or “steady easy pose”) Will can offer are as diverse as there are human bodies.

Yoga isn’t about fancy or impressive postures. Every single pose has an internal purpose that translates to a profound action on the inner world. Ultimately aimed to liberate the spine, align the joints, harmonize and optimize the physiological systems, and create a supple strength throughout the musculoskeletal system, yoga can be approached as just another form of physical movement, or the practitioner’s attention can ride the wave of the breath, allowing an awareness of an energetic quality that underlies our every activity, process, and the very essence of our being human.

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