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Campionato 2002-03 – vi° girone

Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti PODEROSA 51 15 6 5 65 43 22 1966 75,62
ALL BLACKS 46 13 7 6 55 38 17 1928 74,15
LURID UNOFISSO 0 1 60 68,5 MAO 38 9 11 6 49 48 1 1897,5 72,98
MAO MACH 11 4 1 81,5 68 LURID 32 8 8 10 50 43 7 1881 72,35
PODEROSA ALL BLACKS 1 0 70,5 65 MACH 11 27 6 9 11 42 53 -11 1847,5 71,06
UNOFISSO 16 3 7 16 18 54 -36 1719 66,12
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti PODEROSA 51 15 6 6 67 46 21 2039 75,52
ALL BLACKS 49 14 7 6 57 39 18 2002,5 74,17
UNOFISSO MAO 0 3 48 75,5 MAO 41 10 11 6 52 48 4 1973 73,07
ALL BLACKS LURID 2 1 74,5 66 LURID 32 8 8 11 51 45 6 1947 72,11
MACH 11 PODEROSA 3 2 79,5 73 MACH 11 30 7 9 11 45 55 -10 1927 71,37
UNOFISSO 16 3 7 17 18 57 -39 1767 65,44
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti ALL BLACKS 52 15 7 6 59 39 20 2069 73,89
PODEROSA 51 15 6 7 68 48 20 2107,5 75,27
UNOFISSO ALL BLACKS 0 2 54 66,5 MAO 44 11 11 6 54 49 5 2049,5 73,2
MAO PODEROSA 2 1 76,5 68,5 LURID 33 8 9 11 52 46 6 2015 71,96
LURID MACH 11 1 1 68 66,5 MACH 11 31 7 10 11 46 56 -10 1993,5 71,2
UNOFISSO 16 3 7 18 18 59 -41 1821 65,04
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti ALL BLACKS 55 16 7 6 61 40 21 2144 73,93
PODEROSA 54 16 6 7 70 49 21 2181 75,21
MACH 11 UNOFISSO 3 2 79,5 73,5 MAO 44 11 11 7 55 51 4 2116 72,97
PODEROSA LURID 2 1 73,5 69 MACH 11 34 8 10 11 49 58 -9 2073 71,48
ALL BLACKS MAO 2 1 75 66,5 LURID 33 8 9 12 53 48 5 2084 71,86
UNOFISSO 16 3 7 19 20 62 -42 1894,5 65,33
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti ALL BLACKS 58 17 7 6 64 42 22 2221,5 74,05
PODEROSA 57 17 6 7 73 51 22 2258,5 75,28
UNOFISSO PODEROSA 2 3 74 77,5 MAO 47 12 11 7 57 52 5 2192 73,07
ALL BLACKS MACH 11 3 2 77,5 74,5 MACH 11 34 8 10 12 51 61 -10 2147,5 71,58
LURID MAO 1 2 69,5 76 LURID 33 8 9 13 54 50 4 2153,5 71,78
UNOFISSO 16 3 7 20 22 65 -43 1968,5 65,62
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Peracto solutions ltd

Managed Services

Peracto Solutions Managed Service solution is specifically designed for businesses requiring a responsive support partner for their day-to-day IT needs.

Our solutions enable you to share access to our team of qualified IT consultants who have the experience of providing complete and competitive solutions. Whether you are looking to support your current resources or to outsource your IT needs, our solution can be tailored to your exact requirements.

We are able to provide the following services, or work in conjunction with you your team with the installation, upgrades or maintenance of the following areas:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Cabling
  • Wireless
  • Licensing
  • Applications
  • Company Deployment/Stratgey
  • Spam/Viruses

Working with such a tailored solution ensures that you can focus on making your business succeed, while we focus on your IT infrastructure.


  • Reduce your total cost of ownership by partnering with an experienced IT focused organisation and utilise our IT skills and experience only when you need them.
  • Plug the gap in your Holiday, Sickness and Training Cover by booking a consultant to be onsite and work as part of your team when and where you need them.
  • Direct access to in depth skills and expertise reduces your training costs, while reaping the benefit of some of the most qualified IT consultants in the industry.
  • Services – Provision of day-to-day IT support by telephone, onsite response, remote monitoring and scheduled visits.
  • Localised support – Peracto Solutions have offices located through out the UK, Europe and the Middle East, including London the city, ensuring our team and are only a short distance away from your office; when a problem cannot be solved over the phone we will dispatch an experienced engineer to your offices.

To find out more about the unique features these solutions can offer.

Contact us for further information.

Parivartan edu world | parivartan

Pavivartan Education World

PARIVARTAN—Conceptualizes a change, a process that people move through at different levels of readiness of Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action. It is an effort that paints a picture of the upcoming generation. We hope to be — stronger, more innovative, more diverse in our approach, better able to serve our students and our public, and to prepare them for a rapidly changing world community.

OUR LOGO—Parivartan has invested in its identity which depicts our motive to remain firm and relevant and go a long way toward building that all important “TRUST”.

The Logo Embracing


Brings a spirit of the stimulating enthusiasm, creativity, vitality with endurance.


Symbolises the renewal and restoring of depleted energy with a strong sense of right or wrong, inviting good judgment, stability and giving us persistence and the strength to cope with diversity.

Multi Colored Pigeon

Embodies Security, persistence, solid and secure foundation, with an energy of promise.

Our Motto

A journey towards transformation which starts with bringing a change in the way we see the world and a shift in how we see our-self. We work for not only bringing a change in one’s point of view but rather a whole different perception of what is possible and expanding awareness to encompass more possibilities.

Moving company in dallas texas

 The Top 6 Natural Choices Against Menopause Woes – Moving Company In Dallas Texas

No less than 10 million women are taking advantage of hormone replacement therapy as well as other forms of menopause medication (chemical-based and natural) to get through this critical stage in their lives. HRT has been proven to be effective over time. However there are other remedies that can be just as effective and perhaps safer. Here are 6 options to consider.

1. Pro-G Yam Cream This cream is to be applied daily. It has been shown to be effective in providing relief for hot moving company dallas to mood swings, menstrual cramps, vaginal dryness, headaches, and depression. The cream is a mixture of extracts from wild yam and around 5 mg of progesterone. It should be noted, however, that studies show conflicting results regarding wild yam and its estrogen content.

2. Vitamin E and Selenium Vitamin E, in its pure form, provides relief for vaginal dryness and headaches and is moving cross country for balancing the hormones. When taking Vitamin E, choose products that have Vitamin E’s complete set of eight compounds, which have tocotrienols and tocopherols. To further enhance the healing effect of Vitamin E, also take in some selenium.

3. Sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla is a known ingredient in root beer. However, this root-bearing vine has long Moving Company In Dallas Texas moving company dallas to used by various tribes to treat headaches. Sarsaparilla contains hormone-balancing compounds. It is also useful in stimulating progesterone production and can be a potential source of estrogen and testosterone, particularly when it is synthesized. Sarsaparilla is also a natural diuretic.

4. Flax Seeds The phytoestrogens contained in Flax Seeds are said to be effective in treating the common menopause symptoms like mood swings which moving cross country as a result of hormonal imbalance. Flax seeds, which also contain lignans and fiber, are also effective in lowering the level of blood cholesterol in people who take it. This is similar to HRT which has also been shown to cause lower cholesterol levels.

5. Licorice Licorice is an estrogenic plant, especially its roots. It is usually available as tea, tablets and candy in your local health store. Take note, however, that licorice should not be taken too often. It also can increase your blood pressure and lower your potassium levels.

6. Red Clover This herb (which contains isoflavones) can be used to treat hot flashes. Red Clover is available in supplements, 1 com company dallas movers moving is often used in salads. While studies on the effectiveness of red clover in treating hot flashes have not been conclusive, experts are in agreement that is does seem to have a mild healing effect. It can also be used for improving bone density and this is good for menopausal women who are at greater risk of developing osteoporosis.

These six herbs are great in treating the symptoms of menopause. Combining them may even ease the discomfort and the pain you are going through. A word of warning, though. Before trying anything, be sure to consult your doctor first. These herbs may have contraindications for other illnesses.

Zoom cure erection dysfunction with traditional herbal elements?

The title Zoom means “strong” or “warrior” and also the product is an all natural mixture that apparently enhances the carrying out of the person’s sex-related organs, stops erection issues, also called Lovemaking Malfunction (Erectile dysfunction), enhances libido or libido, permits successfully achieving enhanced hard-ons, develops bigger how big a mans organ, enhances the amount of sex-related energy, maintenance the males hormone and reproduction systems and reduces the performance anxiety that’s connected with previous performance issues.
These claims, produced by the producer of Zoom, may almost appear to become too good to be real. This report will examine the effectiveness of these claims and check out whether Zoom is really a advantageous option to other remedies for erection issues and Lovemaking Malfunction, for example prescription medications along with other drug products.

Zoom is stated to function simply by countering the outcomes of present day life-style, for example stress, alcohol, tobacco and medicines, in addition to harmful toxins, for example food chemical preservatives, air contamination and chemical off-gases from household products.
Before seeing how Zoom’s nutritional supplement particulars these problems, it might be sensible first to check out the character of erection issues, the way the males sex-related reaction normally works and just what might have to go wrong to result in Erectile dysfunction. An individual’s sex-related behavior is really a multi-faceted and sophisticated operation, and it is more healthy carrying out might be reduced by plenty of factors.

Sexual reaction inside a good and balanced adult males might be began by emotional, visual or responsive pleasure. Regardless, the particular reaction begins using the manhood becoming engorged with system, which in turn causes it to grow and be hard. Simultaneously, a guys testes become bigger hard nipples may restrict and be more delicate to touch. Ongoing and elevated pleasure can lead to a patting climax and also the ejaculation of ejaculate.

If this process doesn’t operate because it should, the most typical difficulties are Hypoactive Sexual Wish Disorder, or reduced libido, and the possible lack of capability to achieve or conserve a sufficiently effective enough erection. Although a substantial role in Erectile dysfunction might be triggered by emotional or emotional reasons, scientific research that from 20% to 50% of Erectile dysfunction cases control from a natural or actual cause. It’s these causes that Zoom particulars.

Ikawe is developed with a mix of natural plant-based substances, a few of which happen to be employed for age range through the standard therapeutic practises experts such areas as African-american, Chinese providers and Indian.
These native healers and experts of traditional Chinese and Ayuervedic medication have noted for 100s of years that particular therapeutic plants and natural herbal treatments can effectively treat numerous ailments.
That’s why Zoom was created with natural herbal treatments recognized for their aphrodisiac characteristics, the opportunity to enhance the circulation of system to any or all areas of the body, and also to activate the glands which are essential for the more healthy carrying out from the males sex-related system.

Commercial office movers omaha – get a free quote from professional movers & packers


Commercial Movers in Omaha

Planning an office relocation, whether for a large or small company often entails intricate organization and/or headaches for those responsible for co-ordinating the relocation service. Which is the very reason why the first thing on your moving checklist should be hiring full service movers like Office Movers Omaha. Taking advantage of years of experience as movers and packers, our expertly trained staff can ensure that your office move to another part of the city is a painless process. Our company will also keep your moving costs low because of the efficiency of our relocation service. Cheap movers keep their prices low by cutting corners. Offers Movers Omaha can give you the best moving estimates because our experience allows us to carry out an office move in the quickest possible time, with the maximum efficiency.

Because we are experienced commercial movers, we know how critical it is for a company to have their office move completed in the shortest possible time. As professsional movers we are also very aware of the importance that the safe and secure relocation of documentation is. A house moving service only has to sort items according to a small number of rooms. A business on the other hand will need to factor different offices, departments, workstations etc. Which is where experience shows in a moving service. An office move requires precise co-ordination to make sure that everything is transported and relocated in such a way that when it reaches its destination, you know exactly which box to go to for any item.

Office Movers Omaha has this down to a fine art. Every item is carefully documented so that it is traceable and you can be happy knowing that the packers and movers your office hired will treat your valuables with the importance they deserve. This attention to detail also guarantees that nothing is misplaced or lost in the office move, which means the cost of moving is minimized. There is no need to lose time trying to retrieve documents or other items, which means you can have your business up and running – and making money – in no time at all. Get in contact with us and see out why we are the professional commercial movers of choice in Omaha

When a prospect says yes?

Last week I was telling you about reconnecting with my old college roommate Andy and since reconnecting I have been working with him on some hypnotic selling techniques.

It’s always fun to teach and train people live because I generally learn as much as the people I’m training. Anyway, I was teaching Andy about how to read through a prospects lies.

Being able to read if someone is telling you the truth is a powerful skill to have in any situation. Just be careful because you may not want to be able to read your spouse that way…(or maybe you do)

So Andy was telling me about a challenge he was having. Sometimes a prospect will tell him they’ll send over a contract today and then they don’t.
I recommended that Andy simply say “Great so I’ll have that by ______” and give them a time that is reasonable (it will be different for everyone).

Now here’s where reading people is so important…

Sometimes the prospect will say “Yes” and they really mean maybe or probably not or even no. So how can we find out if they are telling us the truth (or in this case how can Andy find out)? Simple…

It’s called calibration and it works like this…You ask a few simple “YES” questions to find out what a “real” yes sounds like and a few “no” questions to find out what a real no sounds like. Then if they say yes but it doesn’t sound the same as the calibrated “yes” answers you realize you do NOT have a yes.

Let me give you some silly “YES” questions as an example then I’ll give you some more realistic ones. Are you reading this article? Did you find this article on the internet? Do you breath oxygen to live?

Those are silly but if you answered them honestly I would have been able to calibrate your “YES”. Now we can do the exact same thing by asking questions we KNOW have to be answered yes. For example in Andy’s case he knows certain things about these people before he talks to them like their address or how they spell their name etc.

So all he has to do is say something like, I just want to confirm your address is it xyz? You simply ask questions you know will be answered yes and that will allow you to calibrate a yes from someone. Then if they say yes to something you’ll quickly recognize if they mean yes or not.

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What is local search and why, as a business owner, should you care?

For starters, you need to care because that’s where your prospective clients are identifying their next product or service provider. When someone does a search, the results that come up are:

1. Paid advertising. Companies pay to have their ad show up when certain terms are searched for and visitors click on the ad. They are currently at the top and right side of the search results. While it does work as a way to buy targeted traffic, it doesn’t yield cost-effective results as well as organic or local.

2. Organic results. These arewhere websites or listings show up because they address the subject entered in the search box. They’ve long been the coveted way to get traffic to your website, but in most cases small business have been shut out by larger ones who also pay for search engine optimization on their websites. Until recently, organic results used to come at the top of the page – right after the paid results – but the major search engines now often display local results above organic results.

3. Local results. Geographically specific, local results are based on the actual location of the person doing the search or a location that is in the search term, such as “San Diego Car Repair.” This is something the search engines have started giving a higher priority to delivering, since you’re not likely to look for a dentist, for example, that isn’t located near your home or office. Local results tend to show up above organic results, making them very important to businesses who want new clients, patients, customers.

That leads directly to why you should care. Local search is currently one of the best ways to be found when a prospective client is trying to find someone who does what you do. In fact, if they do the search using their smart phone, it’s extremely likely they will get local search results since, according to Google, 76% of all searches done using a smart phone are local in nature.

Take a moment and think about your current clientele. How many of them live within 5 miles of your business? In most cases it’s often as high as 80% of your clients are in that 5 mile radius. While there are exceptions to the rule, it’s highly likely that the bulk of your clients live fairly close to your place of business.

That’s why the search engines made the changes to how they deliver results. It’s their way of providing a better “search experience”. This is good news for businesses, because now you have a chance to show up in the local results and capture new business.

If you’re a service business and you travel all over the county, local results are still going to make a big difference for you. In most cases, you can define your service area and, if you correctly do the many things that score ranking points on Google, Yahoo and Bing, you’ll show up well online.

A major benefit of showing up on the first page of search results is that people tend to associate high search ranking with expertise. Another benefit is a much greater likelihood of your listing actually getting clicked on. Studies show that over 90% of all clicks happen on the first page, suggesting that firms on the second or later pages are not going to fare well.

Today, it is no longer a matter of “if you have an online presence”. It’s a matter of “how well you rank when people search”. If you look like an expert in your area of business, rank well and have online reviews from satisfied customers saying you do great work, you’re well on your way to landing new accounts.

If, however, someone searches and you don’t show up, you know what happens – they do business with one of your competitors.

That’s why we built a team to focus on local search. It’s the first (and easiest) step you can take to growing your business today.