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Contact: Philippe Heller
ADA Compliance Review Corp.
23672 San Vicente Rd. #345
Ramona, CA 92065
(760) 466-7261 

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ADA Compliance Specialists

ADA Compliance Review Corp. announced
the grand opening of their new offices in San Diego. The company
provides affordable inspections of business facilities, and
generates a report detailing non-compliance with regulations of
the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Business and commercial property owners
are very familiar with the rash of lawsuits sweeping our State.
If you are a business or commercial property owner, it is just a
matter of time before you will have to deal with this issue. The
fact is that the Americans with Disabilities Act has been around
for 15 years. According to Philippe Heller, president of ADA
Compliance Review Corp. “There really isn’t any legitimate
excuse for not having an ADA accessible facility. And if you
decide to go to court, you will loose.”

Billions of dollars in settlements have
been paid to individuals to settle these lawsuits. Some are
legitimate, some are not. Regardless, it is easier to avoid the
problem altogether by getting your facility to comply with the

Heller suggests that you hire only
reputable inspectors. “Reputable inspection companies will have
made the investment in training and reporting software. Their
reports will be detailed and give you a clear analysis of the

In most cases, property owners and
businesses can avoid these lawsuits by taking some simple
corrective measures. Some solutions require a lot of work, but
there are tax breaks for making these improvements. Check with
your tax professional for advice as each case is unique.

ADA Compliance Review Corp., a
California Corporation, offers affordable inspection services
which help guide businesses and property owners through the
complex regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. For
more information visit

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